Working Hard To Earn Your Personal And Professional Trust

Experienced Business And Personal Counseling For New York Clients

I am attorney Andrew Wong, founder of the Law Office of Andrew M. Wong. My work in litigation has shown me what mistakes are in business transactions and employment situations that lead to lawsuits. With this knowledge, I work with clients to avoid these mistakes so that they do not end up in court.

Some of the ways I do this are:

  1. Preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements to provide clients adequate protections and rights in their dealings
  2. Evaluating client rights under the terms of existing contracts so that the client can evaluate courses of action in future transaction or deals
  3. Drafting and providing counsel on employment contracts
  4. Assisting small businesses in developing employment practices handbooks, including anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies
  5. Providing advice on severance agreements and retirement packages
  6. Providing advice for ex-patriot packages for employees being relocated to foreign countries
  7. Evaluating noncompete clauses and advising clients on their rights and responsibilities when switching jobs
  8. Counseling clients on their dealings with employees, dealing with employee complaints, disciplinary actions, and hiring and termination decisions

I work with clients to protect their individual and business interests. If I can help you solve your problem or avoid future disputes, then I have done my job. When necessary, I also represent or defend clients at trial. I may not know the answer to every question but I can research the question or refer you to an attorney who has the particular knowledge in the area of your concern.

Reach Out To Receive Legal Counsel

Reach out to me at the Law Office of Andrew M. Wong for wise business and employment counseling. I welcome general inquiries about any legal issue that may arise and I will work with you to find a solution to that problem as best I can. Contact 646-876-5612 or send an email.