Working Hard To Earn Your Personal And Professional Trust

Experienced Civil And Commercial Litigation In New York

I am Andrew Wong, the founding attorney of the Law Office of Andrew M. Wong. The bulk of my practice involves litigation in the New York state and federal courts. The legal process can seem confusing and daunting, but I will take you through each stage, step by step, and explain everything to you so that you can be an active participant in your case.

Representation For A Broad Spectrum Of Issues

Some examples of the matters I handle include:

  • Business disputes: This involves commercial disputes arising from any form of business transaction – the purchase or sale of goods, agreements to perform services, contractual obligations of any kind.
  • Contract disputes: Even if there is no written contract, legal obligations and conflicts can arise out of oral representations or promises or from the usual course of business in an industry or market.
  • Litigation: I can help you resolve problems with negotiation or, if necessary, filing or defending a lawsuit.
  • Real estate disputes: Many controversies arise out of real estate transactions, including purchases and sales, commercial leases, and claims against mortgage brokers.
  • Professional malpractice: My experience of seeing both sides allows me to provide counsel whether you are suing a professional or if you are defending claims against you.
  • Creditors’ rights and bankruptcy litigation: I act as counsel for you when one of your clients enters bankruptcy.

These cases have exposed me to many aspects of commercial litigation and business law. I fight for your interests tirelessly if any of your business clients, partners, shareholders or employees initiate a dispute.

Strong And Comprehensive Litigation And ADR

I have extensive experience in all aspects of the litigation process, both as plaintiff and defendants’ counsel, from the initial filing of an action through discovery, motion practice, jury trials and appeals. In any litigation representation, I am continually guided by the goal of finding the best solution to your legal problem in the most efficient manner possible. I am also able to handle cases in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation and arbitration.

Seek Solutions For Commercial Litigation And Business Issues

I will work with you to fashion a fee arrangement that best fits your needs. I welcome inquiries of any kind and I am happy to provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your legal problem. Reach me at my office in New York City by calling 646-876-5612 or using my online contact form.