Working Hard To Earn Your Personal And Professional Trust

Representative Cases And Clients

The following are some matters I am currently handling:

  • Representing a group of shareholders in a Manhattan cooperative with claims against the Board of Directors and the owners of the land on which the cooperative sits for their actions in the sale of a large number of units in the cooperative to a real estate developer.
  • Representing a software design firm in claims against a major social networking company that hired away one of its designers in violation of that employee’s contract.
  • Defending an international supplier of cellphone equipment against unfair competition and violation of noncompete agreement claims, and pursuing counterclaims for slander and interference with contractual relations.
  • Protecting creditor rights of Japanese telecommunications corporation in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Pursuing partition and sale of real estate co-owned by family members unable to resolve estate disputes.
  • Representing a legal secretary in age discrimination and harassment claims against a major international law firm.
  • Seeking to vacate judgment wrongly obtained by a debt collection agency in student loan default.
  • Resolving a commercial lease dispute for a retail clothing store.
  • Pursuing wrongful termination claims for an auto dealership employee who was fired after complaining about harassment by a colleague.
  • Seeking payment for garment importer who delivered goods to wholesalers on breach of contract claims.
  • Seeking damages for school executive from school district fired from the job in violation of employment contract and state statutes.
  • Advising an investment banking executive on severance package and offer from a new employer.
  • Advising an employee on ex-patriot package to move to Far East operation.
  • Reviewing and analyzing sales and services contracts for a software company.

These are some cases I have handled in the past and the results of those cases:

  • Defended a garment manufacturer against claims of sexual harassment by one of its employees – reached settlement after jury selection where the company did not have to pay anything and the plaintiff agreed to keep allegations confidential – previously had the bulk of claims dismissed against the client in summary judgment motion.
  • Defended publicly traded biotechnology company in claims brought by its former attorneys claiming entitled to percentage ownership in the company and high legal fees for services never completed – case settled for less than 10% of the damages sought.
  • Represented former employees of retail home improvement company in claims of harassment, racial and national origin discrimination and intentional infliction of emotion distress from senior manager – reached favorable settlement payment to the client after Federal court mediation.
  • Won dismissal of New York lawsuit brought against California accounting firm on jurisdictional grounds.
  • Argued appeal in Second Circuit Court of Appeal by former New York City police officer seeking reinstatement of pension rights and other benefits.
  • Argued appeal in Third Department seeking reversal of trial court findings in a case involving damages to house in foreclosure.
  • Got full payment of money owed to garment wholesaler for goods delivered to retailers who declared bankruptcy after receiving goods.
  • Successful dismissal of disability discrimination action brought against an individual employed by a placement agency.
  • Brought racial and national origin discrimination claims by an IT employee against a large law firm – reached favorable settlement after the initial discovery.
  • Negotiated commercial lease for software company opening new office in Texas.
  • Advised a startup business on employment practices and drafted employee handbook setting forth company policies.
  • Defended garment company in breach of contract trial – negotiated favorable settlement prior to jury selection.